In our Naturescast: Disrupting the lumber industry

Wood. A timeless element in architectural design, especially for its rustic touch. But our love for timber has caused about 4 to 7 billion trees to be cut down around the world annually. Its effect to the planet is staggering: We have lost approximately 47,000 hectares of forest canopy every year. 

These constitute the only home of a multitude of endemic species, as well as our first defense against natural calamities and global warming. Something needs to change.

Fortunately for Altum, our wooden pieces no longer have to contribute to deforestation. We use Naturescast, agro-forest debris bound by water-based binders. Unlike traditional wood, this material is lightweight, environmentally-friendly, and most of all, sustainable. It’s the perfect blend of organic and organized.

Altum has managed to upcycle at least 4.43 tons of debris since 2014. In fact, this material innovation garnered the 2015 Gold Invention Award in Geneva, Switzerland. Our effort is making progress to disrupt the lumber industry. Still, we hope to do more and make it count.

Rachell de LunaComment