#DesignTrip: Cambridge, England


In the pretext of visiting distant relatives we booked a £2.00 bus ticket to the city of learning, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, spending our Easter bank holiday in a serene, quiet town away from the hustle and bustle of Londontown.


Despite the freezing weather we braved The River Cam to go punting, admiring the picturesque universities, one-of-a-kind bridges and bask in the history of the city.


We couldn't get enough of our nature-themed day out, we spent the day in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden exploring the 40 acres of gardens and plants. A stroll through various themed areas and excellent glass houses was a beautiful way to spend a quiet afternoon.


My aunt once told me, if you grew up in this little town there are two things that you would normally see: a stray cow in midsummer day or Stephen Hawking. We found ourselves being part of the crowd goers paying respect the smartest man of the 21st Century, the last time anyone would see him strolling around town.

Topping of the day in St. Mary's Church, climbing the hundreds of steps and peculiar, tiny stairs to have a 360 view of the small town.