Striving for sustainable design in Central Saint Martins


Since day one we've been concerned about the ecological footprint our day-to-day objects has gone through before hitting the shelves and into our homes. Having our roots planted with Circular Economy principles, we find our curious selves in a restored granary building in the heart of London to learn more about sustainable materials, ethical product manufacturing and consumption.

Going back to basics. We learn from Central Saint Martins's very own material not-so-evil genius Rob Thompson the technicalities of a good design, how bad it could be for the environment despite of and what can we do about it. We dabble into deconstructing a product to find out where it came from, to finding solutions to the ever-growing sustainability challenges through a more holistic approach in design and material use.


Starting off with an intensive read on all types of materials, from renewables to byproducts to the organics, then wrapping things up with a mind mapping activity and a short attempt at re-designing a luggage bag using bio products while engaging in community development.

We even had the chance to take a peek at Central Saint Martins's material library – every designer's dream nook alongside its healthy amount of chaos. The swatches were organised properly, from fabrics to all species of food to by-products and plastics.


Taking five minute breaks, or maybe even ten, were highly encouraged. We find ourselves taking three flights of stairs down to this old RV repurposed to a snack station, often enjoying a cup of coffee and their surprisingly good seaweed rice balls.


The concept of developing a true energy-neutral product is almost within our reach. Follow us through our journey exploring every nook and cranny of sustainable practices, design and material innovation.

Jia CabansagComment