Altum Recap: What you missed at the 2017 Philippine International Furniture Show

From March 9 to 11, top designers and brands from all over the world converged at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, Manila for the Philippine International Furniture Show (PIFS). 

The 2017 installment of the longest-running furniture show in the Philippines provided a platform to showcase the emerging talent of Filipino artists and designers on an international stage. As people who highly appreciate the finer points of design – from an object’s aesthetics, to its functionality and sustainability, being a part of the PIFS showcase was something that we were really excited about.

Altum has always been about responsible design, and the materials we work with reflect that philosophy. Whether it is stone, wood, plastic or paper, we’ve gone through great lengths to ensure that the materials we use are responsibly manufactured and ecologically responsible.

An excellent example of this is this coffee table set made out of Naturescast, our award-winning patented material. Composed of forest debris like twigs, leaves, bark and shrubs, this versatile and biodegradable material is held together by an eco-friendly water-based binder.


All of the materials we use exude a rustic aesthetic that elicits a feeling of being connected with nature. With this idea in mind, Altum’s team of design students (TEAM MORFOSIS) participating in the IDisenyo Design Competition 2017 decided to tell a story about the effects of recent natural disasters, and the struggle of the affected communities to rebuild their homes.

Titled “Aftermath”, the 3-piece installation won 2nd prize overall and the award for Best Visual Design Story. The highlight of the installation was a rearrangeable, 3-piece table that captured the meaning and optimism behind the phrase “picking up the pieces”. Together, all 3 sections formed a conventional table. But when separated and rearranged, it told the story of how building materials like wood (Naturescast), stone (Stonecast) and plastic (Marmorcast) can be recycled to serve new purposes. Separate blog on the collaboration soon.

In all, PIFS 2017 was a blast for everyone at the Altum Team, as we also bagged the award for Best Eco-friendly Designs. It was great to catch up with friends old and new and honestly, we cannot wait to see what innovations 2017 has in store – so we can make another splash at PIFS 2018.


Thank you for Jia Cabansag for the amazing visual and production design. Thank you for Plontur for the fresh plants. 

Altum co-designed PIFS 2017 with Nature's Legacy (, a leader of material furnishing innovations.

Photography by: Mars Guisala