Circular interior design to the Philippines



As ALTUM slowly looks into the future of circular living, the next integrated move would be looking at spaces as a means to promote awareness and impact. We met Jia this year and everything just clicked. From principles, ethics to design fundamentals, we are very excited for her to be part of our Managing team and our Principal Designer for the organization. Furthermore, ALTUM, effective January 2018, will now offer interior and production design services on top of our existing services. 

Words from Jia below:

To our dearest clients and friends –

It's hard to believe that we've almost closed out another calendar year but we are ecstatic for the new opportunities and growth that awaits us. I have the greatest pleasure of announcing that in the coming new year I will be officially joining ALTUM to integrate interior and production design services within the company.

Over the past year we produced well-received projects in multiple platforms after combining our resources and commitment to create highly tailored social environments and whole products. Our partnership will provide you with an extensive portfolio and a broader set of interior, product and production design and consulting services.


With our complementary expertise and talent, our partnership will strengthen the knowledge and capability of our team to continue adapting to the fast growth of the design and construction industry globally.

We aim to provide unique and lasting experiences by combining leading sustainable and innovative solutions to maximize the value  of your investments. The integration work has begun with a key focus on adapting circular design and enhancing the creative and business processes – from the first drafts of bespoke designs addressing your needs to facilitating smooth interaction between service partners to supporting the narrative of contemporary life for its end-users.

As we work to deliver the value of the two organizations, we are equally as focused in providing the same high-quality design and consulting services. Professionally trained personnel will be integrated to better cater to your requirements. Our founder and current Managing Director Carlo Delantar and I will be serving as the managing partners.


We hope you will join us in celebrating this milestone. We look forward to bringing you a range of expertise and quality of service.